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Posted by Trish O'Sullivan on September 18, 2010 at 9:53am

"Sow only seeds of Love"  

Hi Designers

As promised here is our blog to chat, ask questions and share floral design information. I will be posting weekly floral tips and trends as inspiration for us to create signature cutting edge eco-floral designs.  I read in my fortune cookie today "patience is the key to joy"  Being a creative women the process of coming onto the 21 century information highway has demanded patience as I learned to think with the other side of my brain.  Now the joy of being connected with you with endless possibilities of beautiful eco-chic floral designs that we can share with each other, our families, friends and the world is at hand.  Bringing beauty to the world is my mission and I am hoping you will join me.

Living walls for The Nate Berkus Show

Check out and click on living wall to view the video of us creating the living walls for Nate.  You will see familiar faces of Thomas Arsenault and Ensun Lee assisting. This project was an amazing design opportunity for me.  As we have discussed in class it all about the basics: beauty, balance and style.  Set designer Jeff Hall( came to me with idea of two 8' x 12' living walls, wanting a variety of different shades of green and purple plants for the set of The Nate Berkus Show. Like in most projects, the lead person has a vision and it is my job as a designer to take the clients vision and bring it to life.  Literately I brought to life two vertical gardens that are seen and feel by millions of people worldwide.  This is what floral design is all about for me, making beauty accessible.  Each time I am on the set, I greet the 750 plants ( some are blooming!!!) with a big" hello girls you are looking gorgeous today."  What a rush of love and well being then send to me and to millions of viewers. Now that is Pure Joy. It is times like this I am so grateful that I have the best job in the world! 

Living Wall Design Tip: To get a bright acid green color I use Neon Pothos.  The acid green color is the pulse of the living walls.

Love to hear from you and looking forward to our design adventures in my trend setting eco-floral design classes at NYBG new NYC Midtown location.  Class info and registration click on school

Yours in beauty,

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