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No chemicals- we must protect our planet and all living beauty - Flowers do not like to drink poison – ask yourself  “do I like to drink chemicals.”  

Its bad enough that flowers are sprayed with harsh chemicals and robbed of their fragrance. Lets embrace them with love and tenderness as they hydrate by offering them clean water and a cool place to rest in the process.

securing flowers

in container

Taping grid

  • Fill clean container with cool water ¾ full

  • Dry the rim of all moisture – the tape will not stick unless dry

  • Using ½ inch clear floral tape place one strip start off center, top to bottom moving left then right, leaving the ½ center space of container open. Secure the tape to rim & side of container by cutting 1 inch after secured…repeat to secure all edges – this is the most important step “leaving the center open”

  • Continue from side to side leaving ½ space between each strip of tape securing to rim & sides of container

  • Starting second row of tape by crisscrossing the first line of tape leaving ½ inch space between each strip of tape securing to rim & sides of container –creating a checkerboard of grid of tape

  • Secure grid by placing at rim of container a strip of tape around the entire grid

  • Tape grid needs to be tight to the glass creating a strong foundation to start your amazing design

Tapping Container Web 2020 copy.jpg
  • Clean off all leaves from fresh thin branch material

  • Take branch or branches, depending on your container size, form into a ball, Then fill the container by placing the ball of branches securely into container, making sure the branches are tight to all sides – add extra if need

  • Fill container with cool water ¾ full

Bouquet of Flowers
  • Fill container with cool water ¾ full

  • Insert bouquet into a container with opening that will enable the bouquet to stand upright and secure.  The smaller the opening the better.  Gently squeeze the bottom of stems and slip into water

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