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If possible ask what day & time flowers are delivered & best time to purchase, file the stores best days & time.


Avoid any flowers that have brown on tip or wilted.


Turn flowers upside down & shake gently – if pedals and leaves fall out avoid.


Place flowers in store provided flower holder or place on child seat without groceries.


Pack separately and return home directly & follow receiving flower instructions.


If you have a car, place a container in the well behind front seat & secure gently with front seat…I bring a small bottle of water and place in container- flowers do not enjoy being out of water.



  • Look over the entire selection for the freshest bouquet that calls out to you

  • Pick-up bouquet with flower heads facing the selection and run across to see what will complement your choice

  • Find one or more fillers of greens or texture material for a custom-made look



  • Look over the entire selection for freshest flowers that calls out to you

  • If you have a specific color look for the freshest varieties

  • Chose the focal flower like – peony, rose, orchid, sunflower, snapdragon etc.

  • Pick-up focal flower with flower head facing selection and run across to see what will complement your choice. Pick up your choice and continue the palette selection for a total three different varieties of flowers, greens or textural materials

  • Take your flower selection to the fruit and vegetable aisle for textural materials that will complement your color palette & choice of flowers.

Bouquet of Daisies

Care of flowers upon arrival at home—No chemicals

  • Place flowers in bucket filled with cool water or receiving container upon arrival if you have groceries to unpack

  • Fill buckets ½ with cool/room temperature water

  • Removing packaging – save to repurpose

  • Removing lower leaves

  • Cutting stems on a angle

  • Placing in bucket & let drink for 1 hour if possible

  • Place in a cool shaded area while the flowers hydrate or if possible put in frig over night or as long as possible before the fun starts…Designing

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