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Image by Joanna Kosinska

Floral Supplies

Having the best floral design tools & supplies makes for creative success
     - Trish O'Sullivan -

Purchase a Tool Kit- it’s the best bang for your buck! A cotton canvas top zipper pouch containing ARS floral clipper, floral blade, ½” floral tap & wire cutter.

In my kit you will find latex gloves, floral clipper, floral blade, scissors, a clean rag, ½” floral tape, rubber bands, several floral tubs, some binding wire, Band-Aids, pain reliever (for my tired legs after many hours of standing), lip balm and a comb.


Most Important a large bottle of water is always with me…like flowers we need hydration. I have used scissors, kitchen paring knife & cellophane tape.

Keep your floral tools clean & sharp.

Dry all tools before storage.

basic floral tools

Floral Clipper

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Binding Wire


Floral Blade

Rubber Bands in Several Sizes

Eco Color-Safe Bleach

Floral Tape

Water Tubes

Buckets or Containers

Floral Pin Holder or Frog

Floral Wire

Latex Gloves Sized to Fit Snug

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