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Floral Sculpture Installation


  Floral Design Presentation

Lyndhurst In Bloom

Trish O'Sullivan Master Florist

April 20 & 21 2024

Chemical free | Foam Free | LOcally Sourced

Fry Fountain

Floral Sculpture

Clouds of Fortune

Lyndhurst in Bloom

Saturday & Sunday 4/20,21/24

10am -5pm

The floral Sculptor  Clouds of Fortune created and installed by Master Florist, Trish O’Sullivan, will reimage the opulence of the of Gilded Age landscape with four silver mesh clouds  floating above and  submerged below the water basin at the feet of the Fry Sculptor. The movement of soaring elegant white calla lilies intertwined among the clouds emphasized the Romanticism of the Gilded Age and the passion for extravagant floral displays.  The “America Royalty” of the Gilded Age dazzled in their Clouds of Fortune with silver linings and continue to shine into the next century.

Gilded Age
Heirloom Roses. Tulips and Ferns

Floral Design Presentation

Lyndhurst in Bloom

Sunday 4/21/24

Time to be decided


Join Trish O'Sullivan, Master Florist, for a creative presentation of how-to design an extravagant and luxurious Gilded Age, Lyndhurst Mansion floral arrangement. The key floral decor for "America's

Royalty" of the Gilded Age was opulent floral styling of
gorgeous large heirloom roses, elegant tulips and

refined ferns placed in silver urns, vases or compotes. Through demonstration of step-by-step flower placement and discussion of the Gilded Age creative process. floral design success is made easvy
Learn the tips and tricks of the trade for keeping flowers looking fresh and long lasting without chemicals or floral foam

Lyndhurst Gilded Age Presentation 2024.JPG

Mother’s Day

Curated Store bought Bouquet

Floral Design Presentation


Saturday 04/11/24

Time to be decided


Join Master Florist, Trish O’Sullivan and celebrate Mother’s Day as you learn to create a beautiful and professionally styled, Mother’s Day spring floral arrangement made with flower bouquets purchased at local grocery or box stores. Our floral design presentation will demonstration step-by-step simple floral design techniques along with how-to repurpose treasured heirlooms and containers found at home insuring floral styling success. Celebrate Mother’s Day learning how-to create a modern bespoken floral design blooming with beauty and charm. Trish, as an Eco Florist, will share the tips and tips of the trade for keeping flowers looking fresh and long lasting without chemicals or floral foam.

Mother’s Day demonstration arrangement will be raffled off at end the of program to one lucky attendee

Lyndhurst Store Bought May 2024.jpeg
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