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Basic floral design



A floral designers need to see - to really see & relate to the floral materials being placed in an arrangement. I call it putting on your floral design glasses & looking at the floral material for all the shades of color, shapes, textures, tallest, shortest, softest/lightest, heaviest/darkest & observing the way the stems bend - basically getting to know your material so you can follow their lead in creating a floral design of beauty and grace. Most important enjoy yourself, flowers want to make you happy…relax it all good… for nature needs no improvement only protection.

  • Different designs are all loosely based on a geometric form

  • In each design every stem radiates or appears to radiate form a central point

  • The designs are usually dependent on flower and branch material using buds, half-open & full-blown material with curving foliage and branches

  • The flower material is usually scattered through the design with colors, form and textures inter woven leading the eye gently through. This adds a rhythmic quality in the design, which we call depth.

  • There are three quadrants to every design top, middle and bottom. We achieve a sense of balance by placing botanical material in each quadrant

  • Light materials in the top quadrant and heavy material in the bottom quadrant.  Middle quadrant contain materials

  • There needs to be space between each element of material - created by the use of texture and color. This space is called “inviting the viewer to look in”…space draws the views attention to the intrinsic beauty of each flower, petal, leaf or branch




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