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Flowers in a Repurposed Wine Bucket & Martini Glasses

Sunflowers, Roses, Kale, Pencil Cactus & Lemon

Purchased: Costco

  • 1 Seasonal Bouquet: Sunflowers, Roses, Green Trick, Button & Cushion Pom Poms, Alstromeria, Carnation & Eucalyptus

Purchased: Local Vegetable Market

  • 1 Bunch Kale 10 stems

Purchased: Whole Foods

  • 1 Bunch Sunflower 5 stems

  • 1 Lemon

Purchased: Home Depot

  • Potted Pencil Cactus –House Plant 10 stems


DIY Step-by-Step Instructions

and set-up


Submerging Kale

  • Fill wine bucket ½ fill

  • Place 2 to 4 pieces of Kale at bottom along the inside edge creating a floating effect

Taping Wine Bucket

  • Four strips of ½” tape each way to form 8 strip box grid: as marked with black line for reference

  • Fill with cool water


Creating Shape & Line

Tips & Tricks

Designers please note the eucalyptus is tall and light may shift during arranging – adjust as needed to keep your original outline created with eucalyptus

Wine Bucket

  • Fill taped container with cool water

  • First insertion one stem of eucalyptus directly in the center open square of grid

  • Second and Third insertion of one eucalyptus stem in the open square on grid to right & left side of center

  • Fourth & fifth insertion of one kale stem in the open square of grid directly in front & back of first center insertion

  • Continue to fill in with kale stems creating outline of shape


Tips & Tricks

The most important tip for this is design with heavy material is to make sure you place several heavy sunflowers at back of wine bucket, so the arrangement will not tip forward.

  • First place one stem sunflower center front – head resting on the lip of canister

  • Second and Third place a long stem of sunflower following the shape & line to the right back & left back of kale

  • Fourth place stem of sunflower seed pod above the low center sunflower

  • Fifth place long stem of sunflower high at back just off the the left of sunflower seed pod

  • Sixth & seventh place one stem of kale on either side of center sunflower

  • Adjust in any area that will complement the shape & line


Tips & Tricks

When staking fruit best to let it stand for 5 minutes to see if any juice will drip out...staking the lemon before hand insures there is no damage from juice once in place. Remember… so as above…so as below. Meaning the tallest piece of floral material must be balance on the opposite side in length. Look at how the eucalyptus is floating off center left & the sweeping eucalyptus on lower right-this positioning of floral material achieves balance. No matter how high you place a piece of floral material, place the corresponding length of floral material at the bottom. In Lewis Millers “Designing Nature”book he shows the Y floral technique to perfection.

  • First place one green trick stem directly under tall sunflower seed pod

  • Second place one sunflower right and left of center sunflower

  • Third place one sunflower back high right of sunflower seed pod

  • Fourth place three rose stems tucked-in between the green trick & sunflower to the right

  • Fifth place stems of button pom poms individually around the center

  • Sixth place one lemon staked with wooden skewer at bottom left on top of kale

  • Adjust in any area that will complement the shape & line


  • One place three stems of pencil cactus (or one thin eucalyptus stem) top right of sunflower seed pod to match eucalyptus on top left

  • Two place one long pencil cactus stem (or one thin eucalyptus) directly under lemon sweeping to the left

  • Designer choice placement of pom-poms & pencil cactus (or thin eucalyptus stems) to fill-in design- creating depth

  • Designers choice of placement of all remaining sunflowers, kale

  • Readjust flowers & greens to create depth & reestablish line & shape if necessary

  • Fill container with cool water


Petite Design in Martini Glasses


Taping Martini Glasses

  • Two strips of ½” tape each way to form 4 strip box grid: as marked with black line for reference

  • Fill with cool water

  • One start at center opening of taped squares insert 1 cushion pom-pom about 3” high

  • Two fill in around the rim of glass under the center pom-pom with 5 to 7 pom-poms

  • Three remove all leaves from alstromeria flower head & insert off center to the right touching & draping over the rim

  • Four insert a long stem of pencil cactus at center left side of rim & sweep across the top to the right rim.

Congrats you have created flower magic – Delight in the beauty

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Dave Reese
Dave Reese
Aug 30, 2020

Love the sunflowers-Sunflowers always remind me of Diego Rivera's paintings especially "Vendedora Girasoles". I also loved your "living wall" video on YouTube ( !!!!

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