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Store Bought Flowers in Repurposed Teapot

Peony, Rose, Pansy, Cauliflower, Radish & Mint Purchased: Whole Foods Purchasing & Condition 1 Bunch 5 stems Pink Peony 1 Bunch 16 stems Sunrise Rose 1 Bunch 3 stems Eucalyptus 1 Bunch 12 stems California Greens 1 Bunch Chocolate Mint 1 Bunch Pink & White Radish 1 Head of Pink Cauliflower Purchased: Local Plant Vendor 12 stems of potted Pansy Flower DIY Step-by-Step Instructions & Set-Up · Repurposed Containers: teapot, glass creamer & candy dish · Floral Tools & Supplies: ARS floral chipper, floral blade, ½ floral tape · Shop Floral Supplies: water tubes & long wooden skewers Taped Containers Taping Technique · Two strips of ½” tape each way to form a 4 strip box grid · Floral pin placed in

Summer Bouquet with Fern in Repurposed Kitchen Canisters

Dutch Master Floral Design Queen Anne’s Lace, Thistle, Stock, Alyssum, Campanula, Veronica, Hypericum, Pom-Poms, Statice, Eucalyptus & Fern Repurposed 5”, 7” or 10” Kitchen Pasta Canister WHAT TO PURCHASE Purchased: Trades Joes Basic Purchasing & Condition 1 Seasonal Bouquet: Queen Anne’s Lace, Thistle, Stock, Alyssum, Hypericum Campanula, Rose, Veronica, Statice, Alstromeria, Lisantus & Fern 1 Bunch 10 stems Purple Stock 1 Bunch 3 stems Eucalyptus 1 Bunch 5 stem Thistle 1 Bunch Pink & White Radish Purchased: Home Depot Potted Boston Fern Plant 12 stems DIY Step-by-Step Instructions and set-up Basic Repurposed Containers: Kitchen Pasta Canisters 5”, 7”, 10” Basic Tools & Supplies: ARS floral



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